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The Mechanic

education, entertainment, games


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by School of Computer Science, BINUS University

05 April 2015


BlackJack Studio

Team Member

Piterson, Ivan Adiputra, Azmidhamar Dwinanda




The Mechanic is a 3D Action Puzzle game application in PC platform with challenging gameplay and science-fiction theme graphic! Save the Laboratories from the evil mercenaries! Jack Doodlin is a young mechanic in a super secret laboratory, one day the laboratory successfully created a unlimited power generator that possess unlimited power to accomodate either bad purpose or good purpose , suddenly the laboratory attacked by a group of evil mercenaries that want to claim the technology. It is up to jack Doodlin the sole survivor to save the Tehnology from the evil hand! • Stimulate your logical capacity by solving our puzzles. • Dynamic Difficulty: it gets harder in each levels. • Play with stunning science-fiction themed graphic. • Get high score and show it to your friend. • The story teach you a deep value of moral lessons. more features are coming!

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