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Child of Gaea

Entertainment, Games


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by School of Computer Science, BINUS University

26 January 2015


MiraiChiYu Production

Team Member

Aditya Hartantosia, Erik, Rian Wirata Wicaksana




Simple gameplay, choose your unit, bring it to the battlefield, and "tap" to summon it on which lane that you want. The unit will move right along obstacle, colliding with enemy, jump into teleport portal, and uncover enemy's castle inside black fog. You will win if you can destroy enemy's castle before the enemy destroy yours Child Of Gaea has: - 15+ unique unit - 15 levels - units divided into 3 race, 3type(meele, range, support) - 3 Field obstacle (apply differently to different race) - ghost leg system (ladder lottery, amidakuji, a teleport system which make your unit changes lane) - 3 active skill (with cooldown) - 6 story scene - new units unlocked as you finish more level

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