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  • Andika Leonardo, Mahasiswa Computer Science, BINUS University, Menjadi Satu-satunya Penerima Beasiswa Apple dari Indonesia.

Diet Danger

Education, Entertainment, Games


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by School of Computer Science, BINUS University

25 February 2015


Brackets Studio

Team Member

Bobby Sutriadi, Kenneth Halim, Kenneth Halim




Diet Danger is a fun and addictive mobile game with simple control and beautiful graphics! Defend your diet from junk foods! This is your body and you're on a diet. Lot of food is coming but which one is good for you? Decide and destroy the bad foods! Take on the massive wave of food and earn the highest score! • Know what you're eating or drinking in this funny game. • Dynamic Difficulty: it gets harder for better scores. • Play with interesting graphics, no more poor artwork. • Get high score and show it to your friend. • Knowing about diet and nutrition never have been more fun than before. • Take a look more about the foods in the Encyclopedia. More foods are coming soon!

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