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Business, Education, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Lifestyle, Photos and Video, Social Networking


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by School of Computer Science, BINUS University

26 February 2015



Team Member

Hary Wirawan, Hadyan Yusuf, Rifqi Yanditama




“Sociafood” is an Android social media application that provides its users a simple solution for sharing and discussing about food. Users will be able to share photos about food along with the secret recipe. Traditionally, how user look for a recipe is by visiting friends or relatives, search from the Internet, or watch the television. Instead of doing those things, Sociafood provides a social media for user to share their own recipe in easy and simple way. The recipes prices are defined by the users, whether it is free or paid. Users need to top up their money to the account to increase their account balance, so that users can purchase the recipe. Every transaction from the users will be recorded in transaction history. Users can love and rate the recipe that posted by another user. The application counts the total love of every recipe of each user to calculate the popular food and popular chef. Basically, the application is designed to create a community of people that loves culinary and food photography. Features: + Comments, Rate and Love features as a media for users who loves cooking to communicate. + Provides shopping features that can be used by users to earn side income. + Provides popular tab feature that shows the current popular food and chefs which can a place for users to increase popularity and brand themselves. + Provides food recipes information that helps users to improve their knowledge about food and cooking skill, and provide a place for user to share information about food recipes and in the same time increase the awareness and creativity about foods.

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