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The Aceman : Wildlife Agent

Education, Games


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by School of Computer Science, BINUS University

07 March 2015


DAWN Developer

Team Member

Mochamad Aries Arfan , Hans Putra, Reza Fakhruqy




The Aceman: Wildlife Agent is a informative educational game about the protection of animals. This game provides a knowledge about animals protected in Indonesia. Besides combining the features endless running with social campaigns. This game also has a storyline, that is about a group of people who want to hunt animals that are protected, and The Aceman has the task of freeing the animals. Features: + Endless running game. + Storyline about The Aceman, and how to save the animals. + Be found an information about the protected animals in Indonesia. + Of course music, and sound effects. + Offline connection is required ! it means this game won't use any internet connection at all.

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