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Analisis Dan Perancangan Sistem Basis Data Catatan Waktu Kerja Dan Proyek Karyawan Pada Pt Rekayasa Engineering
by Rhio Sutoyo, Franky Hadinata Marpaung
Jurnal ComTech, 2013, vol. 4, issue 2

Obstacle Avoidance for Intelligent Telepresent Robot using Interval Type-2 FLS
by Widodo Budiharto, Bayu Kanigoro, Muhsin Shodiq, Margaretha Ohyver, Cecilia Nugraheni, Hendi Wicaksono, Resmana Lim
International conference on Innovative Computing ICICIC, Kumamoto-Japan,13-17 September 2013
ISSN 1881-803X

FactRunner: Fact Extraction over Wikipedia
by Rhio Sutoyo, Christoph Quix, Fisnik Kastrati
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies: Aachen, Germany, 8 – 10 May 2013, page 423-432
ISBN: 978-989-8565-54-9

A Framework for Obstacles Avoidance of Humanoid Robot using Stereo Vision
by Widodo Budiharto, Jurike Moniaga, Meiliana, Alvina Aulia
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Guangming Xie (Ed.), ISBN: 1729-8806, InTech

Earthquake Hazard Zonation Using Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) Approach
by Edy Irwansyah, Edy Winarko, Zulfany Erlisa Rasjid and Rokhana D. Bekti
International Conference on Science & Engineering in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (ScieTech 2013), 24- 25 January 2013. Published by Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS)

Genetic algorithm and Neural network for Optical Character Recognition
by Hendi Yeremia, Nico Adrianus, Pius Raymond, Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Computer Science, vol. 9, Issue 11, pp.1435-1442, USA, 2013

The Development of an Expert Mood Identifier System using Fuzzy Logic on BlackBerry Platform
by Octavia George, Maria Gorethi, Syerra Riswandi, Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Computer Science, vol. 9(6), pp. 733-739, USA, 2013

Design and Analysis of Fast Driver’s Fatigue Estimation and Drowsiness Detection System using Android
by Widodo Budiharto, Welly Dwi Putra, Yudha Pratama Putra
Journal of Software, 2013

Prediction of Research Topics using Combination of Machine Learning and Logistic Curve
by Agus Widodo, N. Naomi, Suharjito, Fredy Purnomo
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT), 2013
ISSN: 1992-8645, E-ISSN: 1817-3195

New Approach to Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning to Improve Organizational Innovativeness to Maintain A Sustainable Competitive Advantage
by Elidjen
8th MRC’s Doctoral Journey in Management di FEUI, 2013

Digital Library Based On Human Computer Interaction Principles
by Irma Irawati Ibrahim
Information Technology Journal, 2013

Quality Improvement: E-Learning Software Metric Migration Method from Conservative to Functional Software Metric
by Henry Chong, Ford Lumban Gaol
Journal of Convergence, 2013

Clustering and Zonation of Earthquake Building Damage Hazard Area
by Edy Irwansyah, Edi Winarko

A New Spatial Functionality in Android Based Bali Island Tourism System
by Edy Irwansyah, Afan Galih Salman, Iwan AP, Widjaja J.S., Willianto
International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communication

Sound and Digital Class Room: Smart Way to Have a Language Laboratory
by Budi Yulianto, Muhsin Shodiq, Lusiana Citra Dewi
Journal of Computer Science, vol. 9(6), pp. 708-715, USA, 2013

Android Based Area Web Monitoring
by Bayu Kanigoro, Afan Galih Salman, Jurike V. Moniaga, Eric Chandra, Zein Rezky Chandra

E-Resources Geographic Information System for Military Operation
by Aditya Kurniawan, Khaterini Mulyono, Mellyna, Stevan Gerardo
Journal of Computer Science, Volume 9, Issue 9, Pages 1164-1173

A Web Framework for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) using Loosely Coupled Web Services
by Ardiansyah, Brian Timothy, Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Software 2013

Mobile Food Ordering Application using Android OS System
by Michael Yoseph Ricky

The Development of an Expert Car Failure Diagnosis System with Bayesian Approach
by Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Computer Science, Vol 9(10), pp. 1383-1388, 2013

Web Based Conference System For Intelligence Telepresence Robot: A Framework
by Bayu Kanigoro, Jurike V Moniaga, Muhsin Shodiq, Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Computer Science, 2013

IT Blueprint Using IT Initiative Implementation in Book Store to Support E-commerce SocDic
by Maria Seraphina Astriani, Jurike V. Moniaga, Satrio Pradono
3rd International Workshop on Soft Computing and Disaster Control, STIKOM Bali, November, 2013

Mobile Ad-hoc Network Based Child Monitoring with DSV Routing
by Bayu Kanigoro, Andreas, Yansen, Ricky
Journal of Software, 2013

FactRunner: A New System for NLP-Based Information Extraction from Wikipedia
by Rhio Sutoyo, Christoph Quix, Fisnik Kastrati
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 189:225-240, January 2014

Computational Intelligence Methods for Early Diagnosis Dengue Hemorrhagic fever using Fuzzy on Mobile Device
by Afan Galih Salman, Yen Lina, Christian
ICASCE, 2013

The Psychological Aspect of Adaptive Games for Mobile Application
by Widodo Budiharto, Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati, Michael Yoseph Ricky, and Pingkan B. Rumondor
ICAST 2013, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan

The Detection 4 Vital Signs Of In Patients Using Fuzzy Database
by Abdul Haris Rangkuti, Zulfanny Erlisa Rasjid

Prototype Design System for Mobile Web Using Radio Frequency Identification at Parking Building
by Derwin Suhartono, Chitra Patricia, Hendry Steven, Kevin
Journal of Computer Science, Volume 9, Issue 9, Pages 1217-1223, 2013

Expert System in Detecting Coffee Plant Diseases
by Derwin Suhartono, Wahyu Aditya, Miranty Lestari, Muhammad Yasin
International Journal of Electrical Energy, Volume 1, No. 3, Pages 156-162, 2013

Sinusoidal Beds as a Wave Reflector
by Viska Noviantri
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 423 no. 012017, 2013

Optimization Model of Patterns Placement on A Piece of Cloth
by Wikaria Gazali
EASIAM-CIAM conference, held at ITB, 2013

The Classification model of Sandals Dhiff Product with back propagation and Fourier Descriptors Method
by Wikaria Gazali, Haryono Soeparno, Ngarap Imanuel Manik
Journal of Computer Science, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 218-224, 2013

Optimization of Food Menus for Stroke Patients using Criss-Cross Method
by Ngarap Imanuel Manik, Jessica
Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7, no. 55, 2709 – 2718, 2013

Model Design of University Lecturers’ Profile Map
by Ngarap Imanuel Manik
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 7(6): 316-322, 2013
ISSN 1991-8178

Computational Methods of Gaussian Particle Swarm Optimization (GPSO) and Lagrange Multiplier on Economic Dispatch Issues (Case Study on Electrical System Of Java-Bali IV Area)
by Siti Komsiyah

Testing of Mathematical Group Structure Based on an Open Source Program (OSP)
by Ngarap Imanuel Manik, Don Tasman Turang
Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol 7, 2013, no.80, page 3975-3987

Testing of Abstract Algebra of Ring Field Using Computer Program
by Ngarap Imanuel Manik, Fransisca Fortunata Dewi, Don Tasman
Journal of Software 2013

Testing Deterministic Finite Automata and Non-Deterministic Finite Automata Using Java Program
by Santa Meilisa, Ngarap Imanuel Manik, Djunaidy Santoso
Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Spatial Durbin Model
by Rokhana Dwi Bekti, Anita Rahayu, Sutikno
Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 169-174, 2013

Stochastic Growth Model for Spatial Cluster Birth and Death Process with Migration
by Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati, Rokhana Dwi Bekti
Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 112-118, 2013

Mathematical Growth Model of Cluster Birth and Death Process with Immigration and Emigration
by Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, India, vol. 36(6), 2013

Identification of Climate Change with Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution Approach
by Anita Rahayu
International Conference on Science & Engineering in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (ScieTech 2013), Jakarta, 24-25 January 2013

Option Pricing Formula Using Linear Approximation in Complete Market
by Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati, Irene, Widodo Budiharto
International Journal of Mathematics and Computation, 2013

European Call Option Application in Incomplete Market – Analysis And Development
by Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati, Sufon, Widodo Budiharto
Journal of Computer Science, vol. 10(1), pp. 157-168, 2013

Implementation of Voice Recognition Technology on English Learning Application by Self Learning Based on Android Device
by Derwin Suhartono, Calvin, Mery Yustina, Shandy Kurniawati, Haryono Soeparno, Fredy Purnomo
Prosiding SNST ke-4 Tahun 2013, No. F2, Pages 7-14
ISBN 978-602-99334-2-0

Pemodelan Standar Sistem Informasi pada Perguruan Tinggi di Indonesia
by Cuk Tho, Meiliana, Rosmina
Seminar Nasional Sains dan Teknologi ke- 4 (SNST) 2013, Universitas Wahid Hasyim, Semarang
ISBN 978-602-99334-2-0

Robust Ball Tracking for Humanoid Soccer Robot using Kalman Filter
by Widodo Budiharto, Viska Noviantri, Bayu Kanigoro
Indonesian Symposium on Robot Soccer, pp.49-53, Semarang, 2013

Aplikasi E-Tour Guide dengan Fitur Pengenalan Image Menggunakan Metode Haar Classifier
by Derwin Suhartono, William Surya Permana, Antoni Wiguna, Ferlan Gisman Putra
Jurnal ComTech, Vol. 4 Nomor 2, Desember 2013


Book: Pemrograman Web Handal dengan J2EE dan MVC
by Widodo Budiharto
Penerbit Andi Offset Yogya, 2013
ISBN: 978-979-29-4131-9

Book: Pengantar Praktis Pemrograman R
by Widodo Budiharto, Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati
Penerbit HalamanMoeka, 2013

Book: Praktikum Mikrokontroler AVR / BS2 dan Robotika
by Widodo Budiharto
Publisher HalamanMoeka, 2013

Book: Pengantar Kecerdasan Buatan dan Robotika
by Widodo Budiharto
Penerbit HalamanMoeka, 2013

Book: Pengantar Proses Stokastik dan Aplikasinya
by Ro’fah Nur Rachmawati
Penerbit HalamanMoeka, 2013

Book: Sistem Informasi Geografis: Prinsip Dasar dan Pengembangan Aplikasi
by Edy Irwansyah
DigiBooks Yogyakarta, 2013


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