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Imagine Cup 2015 Finalist (Top 3)


TRANS-PATH-TATION by Silverpoint game

1 - Main menu

TRANSPATHATION is a puzzle game that is shaped by the low poly 3D isometric style. In this game, before players start the game, the player must analyze the way and determine the direction from start to finish. To determine the direction, the player must design the road with arrows available on the street. Players guide the cars from the beginning to the end point. Players must think that there are number of passengers in the terminal stops so that the player can carry many passengers in accordance with the mission at every level. By using a mathematical calculation, the player must bring the total passengers the same with the original objectives listed in each stage. Players can set as the path by touching the screen or using cursor.

14 - Another In Game Environment Mikrolet

transpathtation gameplay


Silverpoint team become Finalist (Top 3) at Imagine Cup

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