Program Schedule


The 6th International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Intelligence (ICCSCI) 2021
Jakarta, Indonesia

Day 1 – Thursday, 18 November 2021

Time Program Detail
07.30-08.00 WIB Online Registration
08.00-08.05 WIB Opening Ceremony
08.05-08.10 WIB Opening : Pray
08.10-08.20 WIB Opening Speech : Prof. Tirta Mursitama
08.20-08.30 WIB Opening Speech : Dr. Fredy Purnomo, S.Kom., M.Kom
08.30-08.40 WIB Opening Speech : Dr. Rojali
08.40-08.45 WIB Announcement by MC
08.45-09.35 WIB Keynote Speaker 1 : Andry Chowanda, Ph.D., MBCS
09.35-09.45 WIB Announcement by MC
09.45-10.00 WIB Break
10.00-11.00 WIB Industry Talk
11.00-12.00 WIB Parallel Session 1
12.00-13.00 WIB Lunch Time
13.00-15.00 WIB Parallel Session 2
15.00-15.30 WIB Break
15.30- 16.15 WIB Keynote Speaker 2 : Prof. Omar Tahri
16.15-16.30 WIB Closing Day 1

Day 2 – Friday, 19 November 2021

Time Program Detail
08.15-08.30 WIB Online Re-Registration
08.30-08.40 WIB Opening announcement by MC
08.40-09.30 WIB Keynote Speaker 3 : Prof. Agus Buono
09.30-09.40 WIB Announcement by MC
09.40-09.50 WIB Break
09.50-11.50 WIB Parallel Session 3
11.50-13.00 WIB Lunch Time
13.00-15.00 WIB Parallel Session 4
15.00-15.30 WIB Break
15.30- 16.15 WIB Keynote Speaker 4 : Prof. Nooritawati
16.15-17.00 WIB Closing Ceremony

Day 1 : Parallel Session 1 : 11.00-12.00

Link 1 – Track Foundations of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
6087 Syarifah Diana Permai, Kevin Herdianto, Iwa Sungkawa Prediction of Health Insurance Claims Using Logistic Regression and XGBoost Methods 11.00-11.20
6089 Nuraini Nuraini Analysis of Decision Support using Elimination and Choice Expressing Reality (ELECTRE) method in determining Best Candidate of Programmer 11.20-11.40
5063 Alam Ahmad Hidayat, Bens Pardamean Count-Data Mixed Models of Topical Tweets: A Case of Indonesia Flood Events 11.40-12.00
Link 2 – Track Foundations of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5889 Viska Noviantri, Agus Diemas Prayoga, Denny Pratama Unsteady State Temperature Distribution Inside House Based on Slope Roof 11.00-11.20
5979 Ulva Dewiyanti, Viska Noviantri, Reinert Yosua Rumagit Nonlinear System for Cell Population Growth Simulations in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Infection 11.20-11.40
6084 Jurike V Moniaga, Limas Jaya Akeh, Nicholas Robert Beckham, Giodio Nathanael Pratama Mitaart Determining Factors that Affect Student Performance Using Various Machine Learning Method 11.40-12.00
Link 3 – Track Foundations of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
6008 Edward Keitaro Heru, Faisal , Hady Pranoto File Encryption Application using Menezes-Vanstone Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based on Python 11.00-11.20
6017 Siti Komsiyah, Irene Anindaputri Iswanto, Malda Ratna Ardyanti Flood-Prone Susceptibility Analysis In Garut Using Fuzzy Inference System Mamdani Method 11.20-11.40
6007 Siti Komsiyah, Ayuliana Ayuliana, Dara Amira Balqis Analysis of Decision Support System for Determining Industrial Sub-District Using DEMATEL-MABAC Methods 11.40-12.00
Link 4 – Track Foundations of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5819 Rinda Nariswari, Herena Pudjihastuti Support Vector Machine Method For Predicting Non Linear Data 11.00-11.20
6021 Rinda Nariswari, Naufal Hafiz, Teddy Satrio Prakoso Biplot Analysis : A Study of The Change of Customer Behavior on E-Commerce 11.20-11.40
5205 Jackel Vui Lung Chew, Jumat Sulaiman, Andang Sunarto Numerical approximation to porous medium equation using a quarter-sweep based finite difference and explicit four-points group 11.40-12.00

Parallel Session 2 : 13.00-15.00 WIB

Link 1 – Track Big Data and Information and Technology & Computational Linguistic and Audio Processing
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5982 Maria Tamarina Prawati, Cika Putri Ramadhanty , Muhammad Fikri Hasani, Muhammad Imam Alqadri, Richard Horas, Willy Chandra Contextualizing Automated Writing Evaluation: A Case of English for Specific Purposes Writings 13.00-13.20
6032 Ida Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba A Sentiment Analysis Model for the COVID-19 Vaccine in Indonesia Using Twitter API v2, TextBlob, and Googletrans Python Libraries 13.20-13.40
6050 Donghyun Kim, Seokju Oh, Seokju Oh, Jongpil Jeong, Jongpil Jeong Abnormal Data Classification Based on SSA-AELSTM 13.40-14.00
5639 Dinda Thalia Andariesta, Meditya Wasesa Machine Learning Models to Predict the Engagement Level of Twitter Posts: Indonesian E-commerce Case Study 14.00-14.20

Link 2 – Track Foundations of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science

Paper ID Author Title Schedule
6091 Georgius Andrian Halim, Elbert Adiwijanto, Patrice Agustine, Margaretha Ohyver Estimation of Cost of Living in a Particular City using Multiple Regression Analysis and Correction of Residual Assumptions through Appropriate Methods 13.00-13.20
6093 Livia Leonita, Sevien Sevien, Natanael Haposan Jeby, Margaretha Ohyver Predicting Cancer Death Rate and Determining the Major Cause Of Cancer using Ridge Regression 13.20-13.40
6094 Jurike V Moniaga, Albert Salim, Louis Raymond, Juliandry Juliandry General Pattern Recognition using Machine Learning in the Cloud 13.40-14.00
6077 Felina Suryadi, Stanley Jonathan, Kelvin Jonatan, Margaretha Ohyver Handling Overdispersion in Poisson Regression Using Negative Binomial Regression for Poverty Case in West Java 14.20-14.40
6062 Sofyan Adrianto, Ira Hanifah Nuha Balqis, Catharina Zevania Neysa Soetanto, Achmad Ghifari Ikram Abubakar, Margaretha Ohyver Cochrane Orcutt Method to Overcome Autocorrelation in Modeling Factors Affecting the Number of Hotel Visitors in Indonesia 14.40-15.00

Link 3 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision

Paper ID Author Title Schedule
4626 Nicholas Dominic, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Bens Pardamean Systematic Literature Review on Statistics and Machine Learning Predictive Models for Rice Phenotypes 13.00-13.20
5225 Aldrian Kwantawijaya, Daniel Stephanus Najoan, Tamimmanar Tamimmanar, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro On the Measurement of the Inductive Bias Impact in Convolutional Neural Networks Training for Single Image Super-Resolution 13.20-13.40
5516 Daniel Daniel, Nicholas Dominic, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Bens Pardamean Machine Learning Approaches in Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder 13.40-14.00
5739 Daniel Daniel, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Bens Pardamean A Systematic Literature Review of Machine Learning Application in COVID-19 Medical Image Classification 14.00-14.20
5992 Kevin William Gunawan, Alam Ahmad Hidayat, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Bens Pardamean Transfer Learning Strategy from Image to Owl Sound for Classification 14.20-14.40
Link 4 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
6048 Maria Susan Anggreainy, Leonard Gunawan, Louis Wihan, Gihon Yonathan Lesmana, Santy, Cuk Tho Restaurant Review Sentiment Analysis Using Support Vector Machine 13.00-13.20
6080 Maria Susan Anggreainy, Be Muhammad Doohan Abighail, Fachrifansyah, Muhammad Reyhan Firmanda, Harvianto, Gintoro Sentiment Analysis E-Commerce Review 13.20-13.40
5666 Indra Gunawan, Gregorius Ryan, Muhamad Arief Liman, Fredy Purnomo Face Mask Detection for COVID-19 Prevention using Computer Vision 13.40-14.00
6052 Thomas Galih Satria, Fabian Surya Pramudya, Muhammad Farrel Adinugroho, Syarifa Anatia, Winda Winda, Theresia Diah Kusumaningrum Signature Authentication Model using Adaptive Moment Estimation Optimization in Multilayer Backpropagated Artificial Neural Networks 14.00-14.20
6068 Aditya Firman Ihsan Initial Study of Batik Generation using Variational Autoencoder 14.20-14.40
Room 5 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5738 Andrean Ignasius, Joerio Christo Chandra, Roberto Oscadinata, Derwin Suhartono   Image Pre-Processing Effect on OCR’s Performance for Image Conversion to Braille Unicode 13.00-13.20
5923 Axell Mondrian Soesanto, Aldinata Aldinata, Vincent Christian Chandra, Derwin Suhartono   Sentiments Comparison on Twitter about LGBT in United States of America 13.20-13.40
6030 Felix Filipi, Febrian Nugroho, Sidharta Sidharta Measuring The Percentage of Brain Concentration Levels Using Bi-LSTM Algorithm 13.40-14.00
6035 Noor Ifada, Mochammad Kautsar Sophan, Nur Fitriani Dwi Putri A MinMax Item-based Method for Multi-Criteria Recommendation Systems 14.00-14.20
6038 Satoshi Fujimoto, Nobutomo Matsunaga Deep Feature-based RGB-D Odometry using SuperPoint and SuperGlue 14.20-14.40

Day 2 : Parallel Session 3 : 09.50-11.50

Link 1 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
6016 Bharuno Mahesworo, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Favorisen Rosyking Lumbanraja, Bens Pardamean Standard Multi-Layer Perceptron on Positive – Unlabeled Glycosylation Site Dataset 09.50-10.10
5849 Kartika Purwandari, Join W.C. Sigalingging, Alam Ahmad Hidayat, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Bens Pardamean Implementation of Computer Vision for Jakarta Weather Image Categorization Using ResNet 10.10-10.30
6105 Fergyanto E. Gunawan, Arief S. Budiman, Bens Pardamean, Endang Djuana, Sugiarto Romeli, Tjeng Wawan Cenggoro, Kartika Purwandari, Alam A. Hidayat, A. A. N. Perwira Redi, Muhammad Asrol Multivariate Time-Series Deep Learning for Joint Prediction of Temperature and Relative Humidity in a Closed Space 10.30-10.50
5213 Kendricko Adrio, Kevin Tanuwijaya, Agung Yuwono Sugiyono, Kristien Margi Suryaningrum Extracting Information from Vehicle Registration Plate using OCR Tesseract 10.50-11.10
5992 Bayu Kanigoro, Felicia Limanta , Fukjianto Tanjaya, Kezia Aurelia Cendranata , Edy Irwansyah A Review on Determining Customer Satisfaction from Reviews using Sentiment Analysis 11.10-11.30
5993 Bayu Kanigoro, Jason Sebastian Kusuma , Kevin Halim , Edgard Jonathan Putra Pranoto  , Edy Irwansyah Automated Essay Scoring Using Machine Learning 11.30-11.50
Link 2 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5771 Muhammad Asrol, Moh. Yani, Machfud Machfud, Petir Papilo, Sri Mursida, Marimin Marimin Design of Intelligent Decision Support System for Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment 09.50-10.10
5830 John Suryajaya Pangestu, Kelvin Kho, Dewi Suryani, Leo Andika Implementation of Handwriting Recognition and Answer Evaluation with Recurrent Neural Network 10.10-10.30
5845 Alam Ahmad Hidayat, Arif Budiarto, Bens Pardamean Long Short Term Memory-based Models for Sleep Quality Prediction from Wearable Device Time Series Data 10.30-10.50
5885 Cahaya Ramadhan, Hasta Ragil Saputra, Ratna Sari Dewi, Suharjito Suharjito Mobile Based Brand and Car Type Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network 10.50-11.10
5973 William Rusdyputra, Andry Chowanda Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Data Augmented Episodic Memory 11.10-11.30
5722 Theodorus Devrison, Timothy Julian, Varian Anora, Kristien Margi Suryaningrum Stock Price Prediction Model Using Deep Learning Optimization Based on Technical Analysis Indicators 11.30-11.50

Link 3 – Track Multimedia, Game Development and Virtual Reality

Paper ID Author Title Schedule
4907 Yogi Udjaja, Rio Wibawa, Adhiwira Lokacarya, Felix Kurniawan JAPANESE LANGUAGE LEARNING GAME “MIRYOKU” USING ANDROID BASED SPEECHRECOGNIZER API 09.50-10.10
6015 Yogi Udjaja, Dimas Ramdhan, Agnes Kurniati Experiential Game Learning Design Framework: Mechanical Content of Serious Game 10.10-10.30
6060 Yogi Udjaja, Sindhuartha Liesatyadharma, Samuel Edsel Fernandez, Maria Jeffina Holoreact: Chemistry Experiment Game with Hologram Based to Enhance Learning on Senior High School Level 10.30-10.50
6010 Irfan Rifai, Suryadi Phillip, Hady Pranoto ReadOn”: Comprehending Challenging Texts at University through Gamification App 10.50-11.10
6012 Fiolisya Faustine Ambadar, Jude Joseph Lamug Martinez Improving the Performance of Speech-Gesture Multimodal Interface in non-Ideal Environments 11.10-11.30
6055 Yeni Nurhasanah, Dimas Pinandoyo, Muhammad Rafi Alamsyah, Ery Prasetyo, Nuzulul Ramadhan Zukri The Development of Coliform Detection Game As A Part of Android – Based Virtual Food Safety Laboratory to Support Online Learning 11.30-11.50
Link 4 – Track Internet of Thing and Robotics
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5766 Ishat Raihan Jamil and Mayeesha Humaira AHMERS: Active Health Monitoring and Emergency Response System 09.50-10.10
5892 Boby Siswanto and Yovanka Davincy Setiawan and William Hartanto and Elsha Erlina Lukas and Nicolas Don Bosco and Sugiono Kurniawan Smart Plant Watering and Lighting System to Enhance Plant Growth using Internet of Things 10.10-10.30
5894 Boby Siswanto and Randy Yustar Afif and Alfred Widjaja and Alfonsius Yonatan and Fahmi Efendy and Muhamad Geonurii Rizki Ramadhan Smart Home Monitoring to Improve Valuable Storage Security using IoT-Bluetooth 10.30-10.50
5896 Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan Item verification on smart trolley system using object recognition based on the structural similarity index 10.50-11.10
6036 Jason Andreas Widjaja and Pauw Danny Andersen and Nico Surantha Objective Sleep Quality Measurement based on Fuzzy Logic and Wearable Device 11.10-11.30
6049 Seokju Oh and Donghyun Kim and Jongpil Jeong Cloud-Edge based Heterogeneous Equipment Multi-Task Knowledge Distillation for IIoT 11.30-11.50

Paralel Session 4 : 13.00-15.00

Link 1 – Track Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5988 Vincent Joyan Sutandijo, Nunung Nurul Qomariyah Artificial Intelligence Based Automatic Live Stream Chat Machine Translator 13.00-13.20
5996 Ivan Halim Parmonangan Common Brain Activity Features Discretization for Predicting Perceived Speech Quality 13.20-13.40
6018 Kartika Purwandari, Reza Bayu Perdana, Join W. C. Sigalingging, Reza Rahutomo, Bens Pardamean Automatic Smart Crawling on Twitter for Weather Information in Indonesia 13.40-14.00
6026 Ananto Joyoadikusumo, Andreas Jahja Sadji, Brandon Scott Buana, Novita Hanafiah Performance Evaluation of Deep Transfer Learning Models in COVID-19 Chest X-Rays Diagnosis 14.00-14.20
6027 Jason Christoper Chandra, Nunung Nurul Qomariyah ChatLinguist: Web-based Youtube Live StreamAutomatic Chat Message Translator 14.20-14.40
6044 Meilia Nur Indah Susanti, Arief Ramadhan Automatic Essay Exam Scoring System : A Systematic Literature Review 14.40-15.00
Link 2 – Track Multimedia, Game Development and Virtual Reality, Software Engineering, Information Security and Network & Intelligent System and Machine Vision
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5286 Thomas Galih Satria, Reyna Rosalia Priyanto, Zephania Isadora, Yasmin Quita Azzahra, Francisco Maruli Panggabean Casual Game Design to Introduce Jamu 13.00-13.20
5834 Damar Harip Paramartha, M.Afdhal Arief Malik, Selvi Dian Pertiwi, Reinert Yosua Rumagit Multimedia Application based on Virtual Reality to Introduce College Majors in Universities 13.20-13.40
5763 Choirul huda, Ford Lumban Gaol, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Benfano Soewito Software Size Measurement of Smart Digital Tourism Project based on Use Case Point 13.40-14.00
6071 Nanda Yustina, Ari Saptawijaya Surrogate Model-based Multi-Objective Optimization in Early Stages of Ship Design 14.00-14.20
6073 Fairuz Iqbal Maulana, M Aldiki Febriantono, Dwi Risza Budi Raharja, Khaeruddin Khaeruddin, Ridho Herasmara Mail  Twenty Years of E-learning in Health Science: A Bibliometric 14.20-14.40
5984 Wesley Lin Real-Time Waste Detection: Comparison between Popular Deep Learning Models 14.40-15.00
Link 3 – Track Software Engineering, Information Security and Networks
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5837 Reinert Yosua Rumagit, Yogi Udjaja, Irma Kartika Wairooy, Firza Bagus Razdiansyah, Wibowo Hadi Prasetyo Applying Javelin Prototyping for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Handicrafts and Wood 13.00-13.20
5846 Albert Adiwena Sielliagia, Lionel Limiarto, Mishael Hentawan Suwandi, Muhammad Fikri Hasani ChirpMap: Python based Discord Bot for Tweet Data Visualization using Geographical Information System 13.20-13.40
6076 Jurike V Moniaga, Claudia Ananthio, Dimas Widia Bakti, Tatyana Andhini Feasibility Study for Implementation Biometrics for Online Transaction 13.40-14.00
6102 Jurike V Moniaga, Hamzah Ismail, Finley Febiyanto, Kevin Kevin Methods to Prevent Privacy Violations on the Internet on the Personal Level in Indonesia 14.00-14.20
5725 Muhammad Andika Putra Putra, Louis Marcellino Liwe, Felix Rustan, Kristien Margi Suryaningrum Securing Text File Using Combination of Vigenere and One – Time Pad Cipher Algorithm 14.20-14.40
6079 Maria Susan Anggreainy, Muhammad Zulfahmi, Anthony Elsandi, Aldizar Apriliansyah, Karto Iskandar, Syaeful Karim Privacy Protection Strategies on Social Media 14.40-15.00
Link 4 – Track Multimedia, Game Development and Virtual Reality
Paper ID Author Title Schedule
5204 Lonard Steven, Jason Kenneth Hauw, Muhammad Billy Keane, Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan Empowering Military in Tactical and Warfare Area with Virtual Reality Technology: A Systematic Literature Review 13.00-13.20
5208 Juan Oscarido, Zulfikar Airlangga Siswanto, Devin Akwila Maleke, Alexander A S Gunawan The Impact of Competitive FPS Video Games on Human’s Decision-Making Skills 13.20-13.40
5857 Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan, Daniel Ignasius Gosjen, Kelvin Hizkia Haryadi, Nicholas, Chyntia Mila Djuwita, Maria Pia Adiati Implementation E-Concierge in Hotel 13.40-14.00
5874 Erdvin Erdvin, Farhan Muhammad Ardiansyah, Hendika Solim, Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan Level of user satisfaction with the current YouTube recommendation system 14.00-14.20
6013 YANFI YANFI, Pualam Dipa Nusantara UI/UX Design Prototype for Mobile Community-based Course 14.20-14.40
6053 Peter Pranata Saputra, Hady Pranoto, Melki Sadekh Mansuan, Yanfi Yanfi, Herru Darmadi AUGMENTED REALITY NAVIGATION APPLICATION TO PROMOTE TOURISM TO LOCAL STATE ATTRACTION “LAWANG SEWU” 14.40-15.00