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Interactive Multimedia – To explore computer interactive multimedia applications, based on computer programming, design tools, and software engine.

In Interactive Multimedia, students will explore variety of methodologies and tools based on multimedia application developments. The basic subject for this specialization is Multimedia Systems. After completing this specialization, students are expected to have the ability to manipulate multimedia-based applications and able to create various multimedia applications such as games, computer-assisted instruction, information kiosk, etc.

Students that have finished this specialization will have the opportunity to work as a Web Designer, Web Developer, Game Designer, Game Developer, and others careers which are related to multimedia.

Course List 

  • T0934 – Multimedia Programming Foundation (credits: 2/2)
      On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Compare and use different formats in multimedia elements; Describe the basic formation of multimedia elements; Build a computer program using multimedia elements.
  • T0944 – Game Design and Programming (credits: 2/2)
      On successful completion of this course, student will be able to: Explain general game theories; Explain game development process; Create game design documentation; Create an appropriate game design; Create a simple game based on the design.
  • T0952 – Multimedia 3D Modeling and Animation (credits: 2)
      On successful completion of this course, student will be able to: Construct a simple 3D model; Apply motions to a 3d model; Modify settings for material and lighting; Apply additional effects to enrich the scene.
  • T0962 – Current Popular IT V (credits: 2)
      On successful completion of this course, student will be able to: Apply the suitable design principles when developing multimedia application; Explain different instructional design strategies and related theories of learning; Analyze effective design principles on different multimedia environments; Design and develop an effective multimedia application


  • Animoclopedia
      Animoclopedia is a game designed to help kids to widen their knowledge about animals. Kids can learn to memorize the name of the animals by playing the trivia quiz game and puzzle game. Kids learn to know animals’ characteristics by getting interactive information from the encyclopedia.

    Link Apps:

    Powered By:
    – School of Computer Science – BINUS University
    – BINUS Media & Publishing
    – IT DIVISION – BINUS University

    Created By:
    – Ng Fajar Chandra
    – Keyie Priarti

    Project Leader:
    – Irine Marcella

  • BINUS Virtual Tour
      BINUS Virtual Tour is an application to help people know more about BINUS and its facilities. It covers BINUS International School Simprug, BINUS International School Serpong, Anggrek Campus, Syahdan Campus, Kijang Kampus, Alam Sutera Campus, JWC Campus, BINUS Square, and Kalbis Institute Campus. It was build upon the view of 360 degrees; thus the viewers could view as they are in the real spot. Furthermore, BINUS Virtual Tour also shows description of each building and place.

    Link Apps:

    Powered By:
    – School of Computer Science – BINUS University
    – CMC – BINUS University

    Created By:
    – Muhsin Shodiq (
    – Rhio Sutoyo (
    – Irma Kartika Wairooy (
    – Mohammad Raju
    virtual tour

  • Switch It On
      If you’re looking for a new type of puzzle game, take a look at this one! SWITCH THE HOUSE LIGHTS ON!! Challenge your brain with a fun and colorful game. Invites the players to turn on the lights by pressing the switch button where each button has a combination of different colors so the players have to analyze it to clear the level with the minimum number of moves as quickly as possible.

    Sounds easy? It may start out that way but soon you’ll get pumped to complete all the levels.

    Link Apps:

    Powered By:
    – School of Computer Science – BINUS University

    Created By:
    – Gorby Abimanyu (
    – Aya Dewiyana (
    – Mariam (

    Project Leader:
    – Jurike Moniaga (
    switch it on

  • Math Maze
      Fun filled Puzzle – RPG Realtime Turn Based Game that challenge your math skills. Direct your hero through the different levels and mazes to unlock achievements and to gather more cash and gold. Fight the monsters using your math skills. Use the cash and gold you find to upgrade your character with more armor and other items. Find keys so you can unlock doors and treasure chests. The further you travel through the maze, the more achievements you will accomplish.
      – Fun, action-filled game play
      – Mental challenges as you battle monsters
      – Many levels to challenge your hero
      – Lots of achievements and treasures to find

    Link Apps:
    – Android:
    – BB10:

    Powered By:
    – Captive Games

    Created By:
    – Anto Setiawan ( )
    – Devin Kusbiantoputra (,, @Devin_K)
    – Richard (

    Project Leader:
    – Daniel Tjuatja, S.Kom (



  • Animator
      An animator is responsible for taking an idea and creating a series of drawings that can be used to bring the idea to life. An animator must be a very visual person that can also turn ideas into either lifelike or cartoon style drawings. Some animators use specialized computer programs to both draw and animate their ideas, but they still must have the fundamental understanding of drawing and creating as well as animation and film.
  • Game Designer
      A video or computer game designer develops the layout, concept and game play, and the game design of a video or computer game. This may include playfield design, specification writing, and entry of numeric properties that balance and tune the game play. A game designer works for a developer (which may additionally be the game’s video game publisher).
  • Interactive Writer
      Interactive writers are frequently responsible for the development of the design scheme for what ultimately becomes the final media experience for the intended audience. The interactive writer must be a designer, adept at creating stories, design documents, treatments, scripts, proposals, outlines, sitemaps, walk-throughs, and any other material related to the concept, theme, and development of a project. Interactive writers are designers who have a solid understanding of project management, software development, interface design, graphic design, software engineering, and human factors.
  • Web Content Producer
      Web Content Producers are responsible for drafting, reviewing and editing content for the company web sites. This position ensures that content is consistent, understandable, accessible and that it maintains company standards. This position facilitates web content creation for other company business units in the organization. This position coordinates and produces communications regarding the activities and services of the company’s Web Team.
  • Webmaster
      Webmasters are in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web. This is a job that requires a wide range of skills and abilities, since many webmasters must do much more than simply write computer codes or update links to other Web sites. The webmaster is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers.
  • Graphic Designer
      Graphic designers plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems. They find the most effective way to get messages across in print, electronic, and film media using a variety of methods such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. They also produce promotional displays, packaging, and marketing brochures for products and services, design distinctive logos for products and businesses, and develop signs and signage systems—called environmental graphics—for business and government.
  • Interface Designer
      Interface designers are graphical user interface (GUI) layout artists. They are employed by multimedia, software, and web development companies. Because GUI elements are interactive, interface design often overlaps interaction design. Because interfaces are not usually composed as single computer files, interface design may require technical understanding, including graphical integration with code. Because, interfaces may require hundreds of assets, knowledge of how to automate graphic production may be required. An interface designer may hold the job title of web designer in a web development company.
  • Web Developer
      Web development is similar to web design except that web developers are involved in every step of the web site design process and in the advertising process as well. They will work with clients in choosing the layout of the site, will suggest colors, font, graphics, and content that should go on each page, and will design and post the finished product online. They will also monitor the site and add new content when appropriate.



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