People Innovation Excellence

Artificial Intelligence

Vision :

A world class study program by providing excellent educational experiences in Computer Science, which focuses on developing creative technology solutions, fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation.

Mission :

The mission of Computer Science Department is to contribute to the global
community through the provision of world-class education by:

  • Educating students to effectively apply their educational experiences in developing creative solutions in computer science, to solve real-world problems.
  • Preparing graduates to develop exemplary soft skills & technical skills required as computer science professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs in global market.
  • Promoting high impact computer science research that contributes to the nation.
  • Fostering BINUSIAN as computer science lifelong learners through selfenrichment.
  • Empowering BINUSIAN to continuously improve society’s quality of life through knowledge in computer science.

Program Objectives :

The objectives of the program are:

  • (PO1) Graduates will become successful professionals in ICT fields
  • (PO2) Graduates will obtain employment in global companies or become entrepreneurs
  • (PO3) Graduates will obtain professional certification or continue their study to the postgraduate


Course Structure for Binusian 2028

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6013001 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
MATH6025001 Discrete Mathematics 4
MATH6031001 Calculus 4
COMP6047001 Algorithm and Programming2 4/2
COMP6799001 Program Design Methods1 2
COMP6859001 Intelligent Automation 2
2 CHAR6014001 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 20
MATH6030001 Linear Algebra 2
COMP6048001 Data Structures1&2 4/2
STAT6171001 Basic Statistics 2
ENPR6251001 Fundamental Entrepreneurship 2
COMP6065001 Artificial Intelligence2 4
COMP6983001 Machine Learning 2
3 CHAR6015001 Character Building: Agama 2 19
LANG6027001 Indonesian 2
MATH6183001 Scientific Computing 2/1
COMP6984001 Machine Learning Operations 2/1
COSC6051001 Deep Learning 2/1
SCIE6063001 Computational Physics 2/1
COMP6799001 Database Technology2 2/1
4 COMP6049001 Algorithm Design and Analysis1 4 19
COMP6986001 Artificial Intelligence Solution 2
COMP6800001 Human and Computer Interaction2 2/1
CPEN6247001 Computer Networks 2/1
SCIE6062001 Computational Biology 2/1
COMP6965001 Applied Natural Language Processing1&2 2/1
COMP6966001 Applied Computer Vision1&2 2/1
5 ENPR6252001 Applied Entrepreneurship 2 20
COMP6697001 Operating System 2
COMP6062001 Compilation Techniques 4
COMP6696001 Research Methodology in Computer Science1 2
COMP6967001 Internet of Things and Robotics 2/2
COMP6100001 Software Engineering2 4
COMP6987001 Signal Processing 2
6 Enrichment Program I 20 20
7 Enrichment Program II 20 20
8 COMP6833001 Pre-Thesis 2 6
COMP6834001 Thesis 4
COMP6881001 Thesis 6
Cumulative SCU 146



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