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BINUS Programming Team or more commonly known as Jollybee is a small team consisting of the BINUS University students who was very enthusiastic in participating in various programming competitions / contests which usually called as problem solving. At first, the team wasn’t using Jollybee codename and was formed in 1990 by a group of three people. Through those three members of the Programming Team, BINUS got third rank in the ACM / ICPC Regional Contest. With such achievements, BINUS University was invited to attend the World Finals in 1997 for the first time. Then next year, BINUS University got first rank, so they were invited again to attend the World Finals in 1998.

After 1998, BINUS Programming Team didn’t get enough achievement until 2003, where BINUS University got tenth rank at Manilla. In 2004, BINUS got sixth ranks at Manilla. In 2005, BINUS University send three teams to compete at Manilla region. In 2005, BINUS got 10th, 14th, and 24th rank. And not only that, at the beginning of 2005, BINUS Programming Team was starting to use Jollybee name, which is adopted from the name of the restaurant they regularly visit when they were at Manilla.

The year 2006 was the golden age for Jollybee, when Jollybee can send 3 teams (2 teams to Kaohsiung / Taiwan, and 1 team to Manilla) and got 7th rank. BINUS University got ticket to the ACM ICPC 2007 World Finals in 2006 after the BINUS team get first rank at Kaohsiung. The 2007 World Final was held at Tokyo, Japan.

After 2007, Jollybee got a ticket again to participate in the World Finals in 2008 and 2009, in a row. In 2008, the World Final held at Banff, Alberta (Canada).

In addition to international achievements, BINUS Programming Team was also able to competed and won various national programming contest, such as INC 2007, INC 2008, INC 2009, INC 2011, GeMasTIK 2008, GeMasTIK 2009, Gemastik 2011, ITB-PC 2010, 2011 and many more.

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