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Training Jolly Bee:

1. Basic

Topics including:

  • Introduction to ACM-ICPC
  • Class Complexity (Big-Oh)
  • Sorting is O (n. Lg n): Merge Sort, Quick Sort.
  • Binary Search, Bisection
  • STL: vector, stack, queue, sort, lower_bound, upper_bound
  • Introduction to Graph Problem
  • BFS / DFS

2. Intermediate

Topics including:

  • Bitmask bruteforce
  • Counting
  • Graph Problem
  • Number Theory: Legendre factorisation
  • Greedy Algorithm

3. Advanced

Topics including:

  • Effective Problem Solving

4. Internal Contest

Besides provided with intensive training classes, the programming team also provided with an internal online contest periodically to evaluate the ability of each training participant. So the weakness and strength of the training participants could be seen.

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