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Computer Science

In the new millennium and the global era, the role of information and automation in the various domains and activities of the business industry are becoming more important. The success of the activities are determined by its information system. Information must be up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive to allow decision makers to determine the enterprise‟s strategy.

Furthermore, automation can facilitate human activity, accelerate the pace of work and make it more effective and efficient, while also increasing productivity in various activities. The development of communication and computer technology has made it possible to get information that is rapid, exact, and accurate, while increasing the application of automation in various fields such as Industry, business, office affairs and in the development of science and technology.

The Computer Science study program was founded in September 1987, under STMIK BINA NUSANTARA; it became one of the programs under the coordination of the Faculty of Computer Science, BINA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY in December 1998.
The study of computer science at BINA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY puts emphasis on the process, techniques, and tools that go into developing computer based systems, with specialities in object oriented software engineering, mulimedia, web, database and computer network orientation.

A study program of choice in Computer Science which focuses on developing creative software solutions for industry, is recognized internationally, champions innovation and delivers graduates with international qualifications.

The mission of Computer Science Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of worldclass education by :

  1. Educating students with advanced knowledge, skills and practices in software development specializing in database technology, intelligence systems, networking or multimedia and game development.
  2. Conducting research and providing professional IT services with an emphasis on the application of knowledge for society’s development
  3.  Sharing the application of knowledge related to computer science with a view to Indonesians’ and the international community quality of life.
  4.  Influencing students & lecturers to be creative, value-adding and competitive at an international level in computer science, by creating a suitable environment.
  5. Preparing students as smart and skilled ICT professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in the global market and/ or to continue to advanced studies in related disciplines.

Program Objective
The objectives of the program are :

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical, algorithm principles, computer science knowledge and ethics that are needed in IT practice.
  2. To provide students with the skills to design and construct software systems applicable to database technology, intelligence systems, networking and multimedia development.
  3. To ensure students keep up-to-date with the latest Information Technology trends, developments and industries.
  4. To prepare students with abilities in problem solving and good communication skills that enable them to work as an individual or in a team in an IT environment

Graduate Competency
At the end of the program, graduates will be able to :

  1. Apply knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts, principles and theories relating to computer science knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of algorithm concepts, principles and theories relating to computer science knowledge.
  3. Classify problems and to apply design and development principles for specific problems
  4. Classify criteria and specifications appropriate to specific problems, plan strategies for their solution and Construct appropriate software systems.
  5. Construct a solution by applying current technologies
  6. Identify trend technologies in the future

Prospective Career of the Graduates
After finishing the program, the graduate of Computer Science Study Program could follow a career as:

  1. Software Engineer/Developer
  2. System Analyst/Developer
  3. Web Engineer/Developer
  4. Computer Network Specialist
  5. Database Specialist
  6. IT Support/Consultant
  7. Lecturer/Trainer

The present curriculum used in the Computer Science study program has been developed in line with the National Curriculum. Also, the local content has been developed in line with the Computer Science Curriculum standard of ACM (Association for Computing Machineries), several local and foreign universities, and market trends, so that the graduates of the Computer Science study program are expected to be able to face competition at both a national and international level.

Generally, the subjects of the curriculum are divided into these following groups of subjects:

Mathematics Group (Science)
The objective of this group is to provide an understanding of mathematics as one of the principal foundations in computer science. Another objective is to give an understanding of scientific methodology (data collection, hypothesis, research, analysis) in problem solving.

Character Building Group (Professional Practices)
The objective of this group is to develop the personal strengths of the student and to provide him or her with a professional character, professionalism in their field, management skills, oral and written communication skills, understanding of business ethic, ability to work as a team, and to develop a “Binusian” Character.

Core Group
The objective of this group is to provide a grounding in Computer Science through practice as well as applied theory which are required by business both now and in the future. The subjects that are included in this group are programming, algorithm design and analysis, software engineering, databases, computer graphs, multimedia, computer and human interaction, operation system, computer architecture, and computer network.

Concentration Subject (Stream)
The objective of this group is to give students the opportunity to obtain a deep understanding of a range of disciplines in computer science. The students are expected to develop their skills and master the techniques which will allow them to conduct research for both their thesis and/or to continue their studies.

The Concentration subjects (Stream) provide:

  1. Software Engineering: to explore the various methodologies and software engineering equipment
  2. Intelligence Systems: to explore the various techniques of computer intelligence that can be applied for problem solving
  3. Database Technology: to explore the various technologies and Database Application
  4. Networking: to explore computer networking which consists of installation, administration, and computer networking management
  5. Applied Networking (CISCO): to explore computer networking technology based on computer network equipment (CISCO equipment).
  6. Interactive Multimedia : to explore computer interactive multimedia applications, based on computer programming, design tools, and software engine.
  7. Applied Database : to explore computer specialized technology for database application development based on Oracle product

Elective Group
The objective of this group is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills required by business and industry. The materials for this group will always be adjusted in accordance with the latest market requirements, so that graduates are prepared to participate in and face the competition of the job market. All subjects of Computer Science Curriculum are distributed in 8 semesters. The concentration subjects (stream) are opened in the fifth, sixth and seventh semesters, and the elective subjects are opened in the eighth semester. Although it is distributed across 8 semesters, in fact, it is possible for the students to finish their studies before the eighth semester.

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