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In the new millennium and the global era, the role of information and automation in the various domains and activities of the business industry are becoming more important. The successes of the activities are determined by its information system. Information must be up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive to allow decision makers to determine the enterprise’s strategy. Furthermore, automation can facilitate human activity, accelerate the pace of work and make it more effective and efficient, while also increasing productivity in various activities. The development of communication and computer technology has made it possible to get information that is rapid, exact, and accurate, while increasing the application of automation in various fields such as Industry, business, office affairs and in the development of science and technology. The Computer Science study program was founded in September 1987, under STMIK BINA NUSANTARA; it became one of the programs under the coordination of the Faculty of Computer Science, BINA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY  in December 1998. The study of computer science at BINA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY puts emphasis on the process, techniques, and tools that go into developing computer based systems, with specialities in object-oriented software engineering, multimedia, web, database and computer network orientation. Catalog 2013 (PDF), Catalog 2014 (PDF), Catalog 2015 (PDF), Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF)


A study program of choice in Computer Science which focuses on developing creative software solutions for industry, is recognized internationally, champions innovation and delivers graduates with international qualifications.


The mission of Computer Science Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:
  1. Educating students with fundamental and advance knowledge, skill and practice in software development specialized in database technology, intelligence system, networking or multimedia and game development by providing an excellent learning environment and promoting research and collaboration with global industry;
  2. Providing IT professional services with emphasis in application of knowledge in terms of society development;
  3. Sharing application of knowledge related to computer science for Indonesian and international community quality of life improvement;
  4. Promoting students & lecturers to be creative and value-addings talents in computer science by creating suitable environment in order to be able to compete in international level;
  5. Preparing students for becoming smart and good ICT professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in global market or for continuing in advanced studies.

Program Objective

The objectives of the program are :
  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical, algorithm principles, computer science knowledge and ethical that will be needed in IT practice;
  2. To provide students with skills to apply design and development principles in the construction of software system applied in database technology, intelligence system, networking and multimedia development;
  3. To prepare students with abilities to keep up-to-date with the latest Information Technology trends, developments and industries;
  4. To prepare students with abilities in problem solving and good communication skills to be able to work as an individual or in a team in an IT environment.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to create software application design with the implementation of database system principal design to solve structured and semi-structured data;
  2. Able to design software application solution based on problem analysis which can be solved with structured approach in informatics area;
  3. Able to assess technology trend in Informatics area to deliver alternative solution of software development;
  4. Able to produce software applications which can solve the problems in informatics industry;
  5. Able to produce software database with high applicative complexity to solve problems in industry;
  6. Able to producesoftwarecomputernetwork based thatapplicableinindustrialproblems;
  7. Able to produce smart software using artificial intelligence algorithms;
  8. Able to produce multimedia-based software applicable to solve the problems in industry.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

After finishing the program, the graduate of Computer Science Study Program could follow a career as:
  1. Software Engineer/Developer
  2. System Analyst/Developer
  3. Web Engineer/Developer
  4. Computer Network Specialist
  5. Database Specialist
  6. IT Support/Consultant
  7. Multimedia Programmer
  8. Lecturer/Trainer

Course Structure for Binusian 2021

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
MATH6025 Discrete Mathematics 4
COMP6060 Programming Language Concepts* 2
COMP6047 Algorithm and Programming* 4/2
MATH6031 Calculus 4
English University Courses I
ENGL6128 English in Focus 2
ENGL6130 English for Business Presentation 2
2 CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 21
COMP6048 Data Structures* 4/2
MATH6030 Linear Algebra 2
COMP6056 Program Design Methods 4
COMP6175 Object Oriented Programming* 2/2
LANG6061 Indonesian 1
English University Courses II
ENGL6129 English Savvy 2
ENGL6131 English for Written Business Communication 2
3 COMP6049 Algorithm Design and Analysis* 4 22
ISYS6169 Database Systems 4/2
CPEN6098 Computer Networks 2/2
COMP6065 Artificial Intelligence* 4
ENTR6003 Entrepreneurship I 2
CHAR6015 Character Building: Agama 2
4 STAT6021 Research Methodology 2 23
COMP6100 Software Engineering*/** 4
COMP6176 Human and Computer Interaction 2/2
COMP7084 Multimedia Systems 2/1
Streaming: Software Engineering
COMP6106 Code Reengineering 4
COMP6107 Agile Software Development* 2
COMP6114 Pattern Software Design 2/2
Streaming : Intelligent System
COMP8108 Natural Language Processing* 2/1
COMP7066 Expert Systems 2/1
COMP7116 Computer Vision 2/2
Streaming: Interactive Multimedia
COMP7128 Game Design* 2
COMP7110 Computer Graphic 2/2
COMP7094 Multimedia Programming Foundation 2/2
Streaming: Database Technology
ISYS6172 Database Design 2/1
COMP6225 Object-Oriented Database 2/2
COMP6064 Geographical Information System* 2/1
Streaming: Applied Database
ISYS7155 Applied Database I 4
COMP6064 Geographical Information System* 2/1
ISYS6172 Database Design 2/1
Streaming: Network
COMP6113 Network Design 2
COMP6120 Network Programming 2/2
COMP6132 Linux Operating System* 2/2
Streaming: Applied Networking
CPEN8092 Applied Networking I 4
COMP6113 Network Design 2
COMP6120 Network Programming 2/2
5 COMP6144 Web Programming*/** 2/1 23
COMP6062 Compilation Techniques 4
COMP6153 Operating System 2/2
ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II 2
Elective Course***
COMP6099 Advanced Object Oriented Programming 2
MOBI6008 Mobile Game Creative Design 2
COMP6226 Competitive Programming* 2
Streaming: Software Engineering
COMP6115 Object Oriented Analysis & Design* 2/2
COMP6122 Framework Layer Architecture 2/2
Streaming : Intelligent System
COMP7117 Artificial Neural Network* 2/2
COMP7126 Artificial Intelligence in Games 2/2
Streaming: Interactive Multimedia
COMP8129 User Experience 2/2
COMP7139 Game Programming* 4
Streaming: Database Technology
COMP6119 Database Administration* 2/2
COMP6140 Data Mining 2/2
Streaming: Applied Database
ISYS7156 Applied Database II 4
ISYS7157 Applied Database III 4
Streaming: Network
COMP6121 Server Technology 4
COMP7142 Popular Network Technology* 2/2
Streaming: Applied Networking
CPEN8093 Applied Network II 4
CPEN8094 Applied Network III 4
6 Enrichment Program I 15 15
7 Enrichment Program II 16 16
8 COMP8074 Thesis 6 6
Total Credits 146 SCU
*)This course is delivered in English **) Entrepreneurship Embedded ***) Elective Course: Students choose one of 3 elective courses with 2 credits.   English University Courses: -) For 1st Semester: English University Courses I, student with score Binus University English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English in Focus, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Business Presentation. -) For 2nd Semester: English University Courses II, student with score Binus University English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English Savvy, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Written Business Communication. -) Students must pass English Savvy with a minimum Grade of C.   Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester): -) Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus). Enrichment Track Scheme
Track Semester 6 Semester 7
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
5 v v
6 v v
7 v v
8 v v
9 v v
10 v v
11 v v
12 v v
Notes: I               : Internship RS           : Research ENTR     : Entrepreneurship CD          : Community Development SA           : Study Abroad *etc         : Department specific needs   Notes: Student can choose one of the available tracks.

Prerequisites for Binusian 2021

There is no prerequisite for this program

Quality Controlled Courses for Binusian 2021

Student should pass all of these quality controlled courses as listed below:
No. Code Course Name Minimum Grade
1 CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila B
2 ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II C
3 COMP6047 Algorithm and Programming* C
4 COMP6056 Program Design Methods* C
5 COMP6048 Data Structures* C
6 COMP6100 Software Engineering* C
Software Enginering
7 COMP6107 Agile Software Development C
8 COMP6115 Object Oriented Analysis & Design C
Database Technology
7 ISYS6172 Database Design C
8 COMP6119 Database Administration C
Intelligent System
7 COMP7116 Computer Vision C
8 COMP7117 Artificial Neural Network C
7 COMP6120 Network Programming C
8 COMP6121 Server Technology C
Applied Networking
7 COMP6120 Network Programming C
8 CPEN8093 Applied Network II C
Applied Database
7 ISYS6172 Database Design C
8 ISYS7156 Applied Database II C
Interactive Multimedia
7 COMP7094 Multimedia Programming Foundation C
8 COMP8129 User Experience C
*) Tutorial & Multipapper  


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